Senior Design

Each semester our senior students form teams and compete in our bi-annual Senior Design competitions. Students apply their knowledge and skills to the real-world application of product design, system solution, or process improvement. Many projects address specific requests from local business or industry and all projects are judged by faculty and representatives from our corporate partners. This booklet contains the project objectives, design tasks, and final outcomes of winning teams over the past years. Winning teams are chosen by faculty representatives from each department. The overall winner is chosen by the Engineering and Technology Alumni Society (ETAS). While the faculty members have curricular guidelines, ETAS chooses its winners according to industry best practices, marketability, and relevancy to the marketplace. These senior design projects merge profitable concepts from both academia and industry, using applied research and product development to find industry-driven solutions. Combining the two-way culture of academia and industry has been cost-effective and beneficial for both industry members and the college. The College of Engineering & Engineering Technology’s corporate partnerships are an essential aspect of the teaching and learning process. These relationships foster many senior design projects as well as internships, job opportunities, scholarships, corporate scholars and mentorship. It is crucial we provide learning opportunities that bridge the concepts learned in the classroom with real-world applications. We continue to seek industry sponsors that want to establish partnerships with the college – partnerships that encourage job retention, global competition and future innovation.